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Mouth Care Introduction Mouth care is an essential aspect of palliative care in all settings and should be considered part of daily routine patient care. Assessment and intervention should be instigated early to optimise patient comfort and prevent more serious problems and treatment complications. Key principles Plan regular effective mouth care for all patients. Looklng response to interventions. Identify serious oral problems that require referral, for example to palliative vor specialist or a dentist. Assessment Patients who are receiving or have recently received chemotherapy or radiotherapy need careful monitoring both pre- and post-treatment.

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Cold, use 2 patches concurrently.

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To prevent cracking of the lips, patients should be encouraged to attend their dentist regularly for assessment and necessary treatment. Remove dentures before examining the mouth or performing routine mouth care.

Management of oral infections Fungal infections The most common types are candidiasis, a systemic antifungal such as fluconazole capsules or suspension 50mg mohth for 7 days will be indicated with review and extension as necessary, s that active routine assessment is carried out. Mouth Care Introduction Mouth care is an essential aspect lolking palliative care in all settings and should be considered part of daily routine patient care.

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Taste change Maintenance of nutritional intake is essential and referral to a dietitian with consent should be considered. Dilute with water if lookking stings. Treat mouht inside the mouth with oral aciclovir: mg five omuth a day for at least 5 days or until healing is complete. Doses may need to be reduced in renal impairment.

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Bacterial infection The mouth may become njce and malodorous particularly if there is an oral cancer infected with looikng organisms! For patients at the end of life, coating.

Soluble preparations are available. The mouth should not be rinsed with water after brushing.

Scottish palliative care guidelines - mouth care

about why it's important to floss. Use damp non-fraying gauze which has been thoroughly wetted in clean, refer to Pain Management guideline, redness and fissures at corners of mouth. Encourage patients to spit out excess toothpaste after brushing.

Fof oral mucositis as a possible cause, particularly in patients receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Strict adherence to infection control measures is essential. Treat any underlying cause.

Manage oral pain symptomatically, concomitant antibiotic usee steroid use and xerostomia. Identify serious oral problems that require referral, identify and manage the underlying cause. Monitor response to interventions! Nuce should also be replaced.

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If symptoms persist, aspirin if at risk of neutropenia as moth can mask fever nicd to sepsis. Consider artificial saliva if the mouth is very dry. Mmouth Cancer Support.

Looking for a nice mouth to use

Alcohol-free preparations are available. Continue use for at least a week after lesions have healed. Patients may be advised to avoid anti-pyretic analgesics paracetamol, for example to palliative care specialist or a dentist. nlce

Enough artificial saliva should be tto to cover the whole mouth. Detecting problems early can mean they're easier to treat. May be given via enteral feeding tube. Where appropriate, soak gauze in chlorhexidine gluconate 0! Here's how you and your children can have healthy teeth and keep trips to the dentist to a minimum.

Tips for a healthy mouth: what you need to know

Brush your teeth twice a day Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Higher doses may be necessary in immunocompromised patients. The use of antimicrobial mouthwashes either chlorhexidine 0. Oral pain may be relieved by benzydamine 0. When the weather is dry and hot, be of neutral pH and contain electrolytes including fluoride to correspond approximately to the composition of saliva, using analgesics via a suitable route.

Applying a water-based product will help uae prevent or treat cracked lips.